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WOMEN are not “Sex Objects”



WOMEN are not “Sex Objects”

WOMEN are not “Sex Objects”: A heart-wrenching story, the story of a 23-year-old girl who’d large dreams, she did belong to a lower middle-class family, but she’d large projects for her future which almost came true if that brutal incident would not have happened with her. She’d to suffer a monstrous gangster even when she was so close to turning her dreams into reality. What was the woman’s fault?. Just that she wished to watch a movie with a friend?.

Following this heinous act of cruelty, the convicts along with other folks of the exact same mindset increased tens of thousands of questions to a degree down the character of the lady.

Simply because some portions of this company think that there is a female a sex thing?. The attorneys of the convicted offenders gave a statement that there’s no place for a lady in our society. Well, let me remind you, you illiterate and uncivilized person, even you came from a female’s womb!

The act was indeed shameful matter, but the people associated with it went on to spread salvation, instead of accepting their offense they kept arguing and maintained saying that there are far more monstrous crimes done in this nation. You asshole, you used an iron rod and inserted it in her part, ripped her intestine out and threw her on the road after fulfilling your evilness.

And yet you say there are far more abhorrent crimes done?. Official authorities say that these convicts were illiterate and belonged to the underprivileged portions of the society and due to their lack of education, they dedicated this brutal crime. I firmly believe that respecting females and not identifying them as sexual objects, comes to the natural and there’s no need of education to learn that.

One knows what’s right and wrong and will make decisions on their own! All of the convicts were sentenced a death penalty except for a juvenile that is set to release in December 2015 and one of the convicts who committed suicide in one of the cells.

Justice is given, but partially. My heartfelt condolences to Ms. Jyoti Singh’s family due to their profound loss.

This episode has taught this nation a lesson, however, this does not stop these acts in about every 20 minutes per woman is raped in India.

People today need to change their state of mind and must learn to respect women! There ought to be no inequality presented between a girl and a person.

Now, should women be treated by us as independent agents, accountable for themselves?. Obviously. But being responsible has absolutely nothing to do with being raped. Women are not raped because they had been drinking or took medication.

Women don’t get intimidated because they weren’t careful. Women get raped because someone raped them.

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