This Is Exactly Why I Will NEVER Regret Falling In Love

This Is Exactly Why I Will NEVER Regret Falling In Love: as every woman Who begins college, I also had high hopes and built castles in the clouds. New classes, new buddies, new desks, new subjects- everything about college was exciting. I could feel my entire life is changing around me, and I loved every moment of it. 

I'd good buddies, always had someone to sit with at lunch and may go far enough to say that I was quite a popular woman. 

In this flurry of excitement, folks were adding each other on Facebook: from buddies to instructors to our seniors.

And that is one of my seniors, who's 4 years ahead of me added me and we started talking. Every day, our conversations have changed from text messaging to a lot more friendlier.

Months passed by until one day, during Christmas break, he asked me to meet him. I can't say how excited I was about this. I thought I was just another woman he was texting however, he wished to meet ME! My friend helped me select the corner chairs that we desired. Whenever we reached, we both have been smiling from ear to ear. Immediately after the period, he leaned in closer and yes, we kissed!

It had been the most romantic moment ever. And needless to say, I assumed that this was Love and it was perfect.

I have swept off my legs with his words of love and longing. He asked me to keep our relationship secret, also I agreed to this.

One afternoon, my buddies confronted me, they knew I was lying to them about him. I tried my best to clean these suspicions, however, it did not work. They told me I did not deserves to be their friend. I was shattered. I took a car and hurried to see him. He asked me to wait patiently at a café, nearby and as soon as he came, I broke down. I told him everything and I was comforted by him in the best manner he could.

That is when he said, I Love You. , Unexpectedly, I did not care about my buddies, or if I sat with anyone to get lunch or never. I'd him, and that. 

Months passed us by and one day, he texted me saying, we'd to break up. I felt the entire world crumble beneath my toes. I asked him why, and all that he would say was that his parents. They'd spent a great deal of cash on him, his education is so that he could not, rather would not, move against him. I begged him to reconsider. Told him that we'd work things and parents are supposed to be stringent, but we may speak to them, convince them, explain things to them. But he was adamant.

Our calls decreased, zero answers nothing, of my texts. Within a year of this, I graduated and left med school for work.

 And that is when I realized that love is something and once you find it, you'll cherish them plus they'll cherish you. All this while, I never knew that love might be expressed. That love wasn't assumed to be a mystery: and that is what the love of my life taught me. And it is beautiful.

People soon found out that I was dating someone else. They called me names behind my back, and sometimes to my head.

But I did not Care since I finally understood what love means. One day, my ex-called me personally. He wanted me to forgive him and return to him. I believed I'd take some time to think about it, or I'd be confused or disoriented because of this call. But I wasn't. Whatsoever. Not even for a moment.

 I deleted his number indefinitely on my phone. And I decided that it was time to put myself the guy who puts me first.

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