How Do You Manage Your Anger, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

How Do You Manage Your Anger, According To Your Zodiac Sign? Though most of us lose our temper at times, we might learn to deal with anger a bit better instead of letting it control our own lives. In this reality, so many things can set us off, and every zodiac sign gets hot-headed about problems that were different. 

Below, we’ll delve into the nitty gritty of what makes every zodiac sign mad, and the way they can best deal with their anger. We hope you'll take something precious away from this article, and also learn to handle any anger problems you might have in a far healthy way. 

How Do You Manage Your Anger, According To Your Zodiac Sign?


As one of the 3 fire signs, Aries can definitely set you ablaze if you cross them. Occasionally, individuals feel as though they've to tiptoe within an Aries’ existence so as to not anger them because you don’t want to deal with an Aries when they lose their temper. When an Aries gets mad, they have a tendency to erupt like a volcano, and anyone standing around them will probably get burnt by their own words. There's no middle ground with an Aries, as their emotions have a tendency to get the best of them. 


Even though Taurus doesn’t get mad easily, they do have a tendency to hold grudges and give you the quiet treatment if you hurt them. They keep their emotions to themselves and might get passive aggressive if you rub them the wrong way. Should you want to know if you’ve angered a Taurus, you’ll need to ask, because they won’t admit that to you. They've plenty of pride by themselves, and also don’t enjoy it when individuals get under their skin easily. 


Geminis don’t have a bad temper, but if you get on their bad side, you’ll certainly realize it. It can take a great deal for them to collect the energy for a confrontation, however, which means you could get the quiet treatment if you make a Gemini man. You’ll likely need to make the first move if you want to make amends with a Gemini because they tend to avoid reconciliation and instead may just write you off.


As a water sign, Cancers are extremely very very sensitive and affectionate, however, this facet of their character gets them hurt easily. Should you make them mad, they'll only hide their emotions until they eventually blow up. Cancers are probably the most passive aggressive signs of them all, so in the event that you cross them, you’ll need to chase after them only to get a response. They’ll go into recluse style and hide within their shell if you manage to penetrate their tough exterior. 


Leos have a temper, exactly like every fire sign would. Nevertheless, Leos get over the issue only as rapidly as they got mad over it, mostly because they have the attention span of a young child. They’re angry one minute about something you said, but then the next minute, they’re pursuing following a pretty butterfly they found you. Leos manage their anger nicely as a fire signal because they don’t allow their tempers to get in the way of their zest for life. 


Virgos don’t really anger easily and have one of the calmest dispositions of all of the signs. They have an analytical, logical way to emotions, and as such, don’t really allow them to overtake their lives. Nevertheless, because Virgos don’t express emotions well, they do have a tendency to hide how they feel at times only so that they don’t load others with their emotions. 


As the peacekeeper of the zodiac, Libras don’t really like to let their anger get the best of them. In fact, they’d rather just move on from whatever made them mad in the first place this often leads to bottling up their emotions and holding grudges. They have a tradition of utilizing your past mistakes against you and may grow resentful if an issue is swept under the rug. 


Scorpios can become hot-headed pretty easily, but they often times won’t let you realize it. Instead, they’ll plot sin to their head, because they don’t enjoy people toying with their emotions. Scorpios will retreat in their casing once excruciating you’ll need to let them cool down first before you attempt to make amends. 


As the 3rd fire sign of the zodiac, a Sagittarius will really let you've it if you make them mad. They don’t really know how to regulate their emotions and believe in expressing them only just as far as possible. Sagittarians have a tendency to burst when they get mad and will bowl more than anyone who stands in their own way. 


Capricorns, being an Earth sign, don’t have a tendency to get mad very frequently. Nevertheless, they bottle up their emotions and burst months later about every single issue that they haven’t dealt with because. Capricorns secretly get frustrated about small things, but don’t want to mention as it can make them seem really child-like. When they do get mad, many individuals don’t know how to deal with their fiery temper. 


Aquarians don’t mind debating, however, they really hate arguing with a passion. If you get mad, they’ll walk away. They don’t really like to permit their emotions to run wild and present a composed disposition whatsoever times. If a person makes them mad, they really will avoid them as opposed to addressing the problem. 

As a water sign, Pisces’ emotions run deep. Therefore, their anger may get the best of them at times, however, they won’t let you know that.  Instead, they’ll deal with their emotions in the peace and quiet of their room, and will come talk to you when they’ve calmed down a bit. They do tend to hold grudges, but if you mean a lot to them, they’ll try their best to work things out.

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