He left a message for me – I’ll come again when the world will change

He left a message for me – I’ll come again when the world will change.

He left a message for me – I’ll come again when the world will change

“I’m burning in your memories, I need you to hug me and fix me, it doesn’t feel like home anymore, your laughs still echo in my ears. Please, come back love” She whispered in her mind.

Seeing tears in her eyes, his friend wiped them, hugged her and consoled her, “You had no control over it, it’s going to be unchanged forever. You’ve to move on”. She got up and advanced her steps.
“Where are you going now?” He asked,
“To meet my soul” She replied.
He got it and asked her to come along with her.

They both reached the graveyard where his body was buried. He was getting negative vibes and fainted. She didn’t bother about him as she wasn’t conscious. She sat down near his grave. Crying, laughing, talking, as if he was there right in front of her.

A few moments later, the people nearby saw her sitting there and started staring. Her friend got up and saw the people coming, he ran towards her and asked her to leave that place now. She wasn’t ready to get up but somehow he held her in his arms and ran towards his car. They safely escaped.

She fell asleep in the car. Her parents were waiting for them, he informed her mom that she’s safe and they’re coming home. As soon as they reach, her mom held her and took her to the room. He came, talked to her dad about the incident and asked him to take care of her.

It’s been 2 years since he’s passed away but whenever she hears his name or look at his picture, her soul shivers. Nobody knew about, ‘how he died’, except her. Her parents, friends, failed to know because whenever they tried to discuss it, her anxiety did not let her say anything. “You have to let me know now. I cannot see you in this condition anymore” He said, “Meet me at my place tonight, I’ll take permission from dad” she replied.

He purchased her favorite chocolates and drove towards her place where she was waiting for him. She opened the door and they made their way to her room. They both settled down on Sofa. Before she could speak a word, a tear rolled down her cheeks. He got up, hugged her and brought a glass of water to make her feel comfortable.

She put the glass down and began.

“5 years ago, I took admission in Delhi University. We both were in the same batch. Where everyone used to praise me for my looks, he did not seem to bother and it used to irritate me. Although, he wasn’t that good looking and there’s nothing like I wanted his attention but somewhere, I used to think, if everyone is praising me, why not he?

So, I approached him and began talking. He used to make fun of me by saying, “I don’t understand why everyone’s getting mad at you, I never found anything worth chasing”
The time flew so fast that we didn’t realize, how we fell in love with each other.

I didn’t know what is destined, we never thought of getting into a relationship but it happened. Although, we had many fights regarding future it was inter-religion. When we completed our coaching, I asked him to talk to his parents about us. He was afraid as he knew his parent’s nature. He knew that they won’t accept me but still he courageously loved me till his last breath.

In 2 years of relationship, I was so attached that I couldn’t even think of leaving him half ways. When I talked to my parents, they said, “If his family is ready to accept you then we would definitely support you.

He approached his dad and when he heard my name, he slapped him hard and said, “Don’t you dare to think of inter-religion marriage”. He still didn’t give up but he used to say, “Please go, I’m unintentionally ruining your life, you’re getting into trouble because of me”. But I used to give him hope that we will somehow make it work.

One day he fought with them and after the argument, he locked himself in a room. Everyone thought that he’s angry and he’ll sleep for some time. In the midnight, his mom woke up to go washroom and saw the smoke coming out of his room. She screamed, which woke up everyone. His brother slammed the door but it was locked. They broke it and saw his body burning. They tried a lot to control the fire but it was too late.

We didn’t talk that night as I slept early or else I would’ve stopped him from burning himself. I feel so helpless. He left a message for me.
“I’ll come again when the world will change”
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