Happy Navratri Status for WhatsApp & Facebook in English

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Navratri - Navratri, literally translated as 9 Nights is the most celebrated Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Durga symbolizing innocence and power or shakti'. Navratri festival combines puja and fasting and it is followed closely by resplendent celebrations for 2 consecutive days and nights. Navratri in India follow the lunar calendar and is celebrated in March/April like Chaitra Navratri and in September/October as Sharad Navratri.

During Navratri, individuals from villages and towns gather to do puja on small shrines representing distinct aspects of Goddess Durga, such as Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. 

Chanting of mantras and renditions of bhajans and folk songs typically accompany the puja rituals for 2 consecutive days of Navratri. Navratri Celebrations. Discovering the cultural and religious themes, Navratri's celebrations are split into traditional music and dances. Gujarat is the attention of Navratri celebrations with all night long festivals and dance. Garba is a devotional dance form that derives from the folklore of Lord Krishna sing and dancing with the gopis utilizing sticks that are dandiya or skinny. Raas Garba has also evolved to include steps as Dodhiyu Trikoniya Lehree and others. 

Happy Navratri Status for WhatsApp & Facebook in English

Mata ka parv aata hai, hazaron khushiya lekar aata hai, Mata Durga aapke Pariwar ko sukh, Samridhi, Swastya, bhakti aur shakti pardan karta hai.
 May all your wishes get fulfilled on this Navratri! Happy Navratri!
May you celebrate to the fullest! On these nine joyous nine night. Happy Navratri!
May the blessings of Maa be always with you happy Navratri!
May Maa Durga illuminate your life with countless blessings of happiness! Happy Navratri!
Hope you have your share of fun and enjoy Navratri to the fullest. Happy Navratri!
May Maa Durga empower you with her blessings of name, fame, health, wealth, happiness, peace, humanity, knowledge and spirituality!
Celebrate this Navratri with complete joy and zeal. As the light of our home prepares special meal. Just don't forget to pray and be thankful, as Lord Durga make our life bountiful!
May this day be as bright as the beaming sunshine! To celebrate Durga Puja with warm smiles double the fun with exciting treats as we take festivity to the streets.
May the beats of dandiya fill your life with joy! Happy Navratri!
Maa Durga removes all obstacles and defects. Happy Navratri!
May this Navratri Maa Durga fulfill all your dreams and bring happiness in your life.
Time for celebration is on with Navratri. Let's all come together in prayer to the almighty Goddess of power and prosperity for a bright and happy future!
I have a cure and I have a lot of energy from the man to paripurn. Navratri shub ho.
May this Navratri Brighton deputy your life with joy, wealth, and good health. Wishing you a happy Navratri.
As these nights are filled with colorful garba and dandiya dances. Enjoy this Navratri festival!
Be joyful and happy as Lord Durga blesses us this Navratri. The festival will be filled with cheer and fun. A lovely day for everyone. Happy Navratri.
May this new dream come true in your dreams! Happy Navratri!
Mother's festival was brought hazaron happiness. Happy Navratri!
Maa Durga will send you bal, buddhi, sukh, ashwarya and Sampan! Jai mata di! Navratri Ki Hardik shubhkamnayen!
New Deep burn newly flowers bloom at the party every mother's blessing this Navratri to all those who met to your heart!
Listens away listens to close mother after mother listens forced mother every. Happy Navratri.
Maa Durga is a mother of the universe, she represents the infinite power of the universe and is a symbol of a female dynamism. Happy Navratri!
Maa Durga means she who is incomprehensible to reach. Happy Navratri!
Fast to them is a denial of the physical needs of the body, it means to attain spiritual gains besides blessings of the mother goddess. Happy Navratri.
While observing fast during Durga puja is to propitiate Durga maa and seek her divine blessings. Happy Navratri!
Lakshmi donates the internal or divine wealth of virtues or divine qualities. Happy Navratri!
Maa Durga removes all obstacles and defects. Happy Navratri!
Let’s celebrate the victory of humanity, justice, and truth. Wish you a very happy Navratri!
May your troubles burst away like the fireworks and your happiness multiply ten times! Happy Navratri!
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